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how do you get the transformation potion cuz i cant find it anywhere 😪

The transformation potions can be found in the potion shop in town square (the map area with the buildings and the fountain). One of the doors in the area will bring you to the shop, and after a short quest, you'll have the option to buy different transformation potions.

ok i did the quest, got chloe in the shop but there's still no option do buy the transformation potion is it bugged? im playing on the android fixed version

Ah, the 05publicfix version is not the latest version for android. You'll need to download the 0.55 release apk to get access to the transformation potions.

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Focus seems to be leaning more toward futa, which I think people will eventually start to lose interest in as this is one of those things fewer people care about.

That aside, it's not bad.  Has a few bugs and is a bit grindy.  I went and edited the save, maxed out all the stats and character trust levels to skip the grind.  Maybe add a 'VN Mode' that allowed rapid progression or just simply talking to characters for those who didn't or don't want to really play a sandbox or grind, wouldn't be a bad idea.

I wouldn't say that the game is "leaning towards" futa, or any niche/specific fetish (pregnancy, corruption, domination, etc.).

The main and character stories will always be progressed without any of those being necessary or required. They will always remain options only to those who opt in.

As for a VN mode, I have tried (and will continue to try) to eliminate any frustrating or unnecessary grinding in the game. As of now, generally the only grinding to do it player stats, and for most stats those will raise as you work for money as is.
I have toyed with the idea of adding in some kind of "streamline mode" though, where a player has the option to skip the "filler" conversations and simply move from event to event for the girls. It will depend on player demand. ^^

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Curious that I come here and see another person has just posted a massive wall of text that I largely agree with =)

I’ve just player through 0.55 and must say I had a good time. Art and sound design was pretty good and the story was enjoyable. I do have a few notes on things that stuck out to me, they range from minor bugs to musings and general personal opinions so feel free to take them or leave them.

  • In regards to bugs, I had a couple instances of missing assets. Both face assets, one of them was kiahead hairup skepticaltalk and the other notice ended up being displayed in the middle of the screen behind a headless maria, so I couldn’t read it. It was one of her “on the side scenes” (I THINK futa)

  • I also had a spook after having Chloe procure the herb for Kiara’s potion. While Iris kept telling me “oh great, she’s back, let’s talk to her” she was nowhere to be seen for a bit, which made me afraid her flags got messed up and she just wasn’t going to spawn in again. Luckily it fixed itself for perhaps that needs a quick check

  • Gameplay wise, the futa side seems to be missing the “reverse” potion, so right now the change is permanent unless you mess with Content Flags. This sounds unintentional from in-game text.

  • Also on Futa issues, Maria’s on-the side regular scene becomes unavailable if you make her a Futa. This prevents the gallery unlock with no clear indication as to why. Something that can mislead a player here is that Charlie only has the one set of unlockables so it WOULD seem like the game accounts for it? Perhaps a notice on the unlock hint would fix this

  • Finally this game has a “problem” with money regarding progression. Big quotes there because it depends a lot on what is your plan moving forward. Reading your latest devlog this seems to already be in the lone to get bundled up with some rework but the gist of my opinion is that Money ends up playing almost no role in the game. You get plenty of money from the bar, weekly rent is largely a drop in an ocean and very quickly you run out of things to spend money on so it’s never a resource you need to take into consideration, especially considering how much else there is to manage your time with, the real resource. It just makes the whole angle in the beginning of the game talking about resource management and whatnot feel a bit moot. Once again, not necessarily a problem, just depends on how much you want resource management to play a part in the game

  • Content wise, it’s cute well produced stuff for the large part. This is where it gets very much into personal taste kind of place but I do feel there’s an overabundance of “cartoonishly innocent girl with body anxiety and self esteem issues”. Maria, Camilla, Charlie and Tirria all fall under this category very neatly whereas Beth, Kiara and Alice all have at least the second part. So while the girls are visually different, the relationships you build with them are all very similar. Sacha and Vera are the two big standouts here. As an entitled pri… I mean, a player I would hope for more variety than just visual when engaging with a harem-themed game so perhaps this is something to consider for future content.

  • Also content wise, it seems to me like you’re very very concerned about people’s negative reaction to futa content? Honestly, the game asks you like three times if you want it and gives you the option to disable it at any time so the correct answer is “just click no, lmao”. What I feel that maaay have translated to is a kind of cautious half-hearted approach towards putting that in the game. Maria, Alice and Charlie all can have their dicks, okay, but it’s like the game is a bit embarassed about the whole proposition. If you’re going there, just go all in, give Sacha a dick so she can facefuck the MC and people offended by the thought are free to “click no, lmao”. I myself am quite indifferent to it, it looks like it, but a bit disappointed at this “embarrassed vibe” the game ends up giving

But yeah, once again, really nice little gem. I look forward to where this keeps going, had a great time and have high expectations. Congrats on the great work so far

Thanks for taking the time to play my game and give feedback!
I'd be happy to respond to some of your points ^^

-There are definitely still a few bugs poking around, working hard to get them fixed, and hopefully many/most of them will be fixed for the next release (including the missing assets and Chloe coming back a bit late).

-The reverse potion is missing for now, I ran out of time just a little bit, will definitely be implemented in the future. For now the content filters work as a poor man's removal service.

-The scene unlock was 100% an oversight on my part, I didn't realize that the way I coded that interaction would lock out that memory. Will definitely be fixed for next patch.

-The money thing: As you read in the dev log, this is very high on the priority list for the next patch, and hopefully the entire economy will feel a bit more balanced when the new system(s) are in place. Leading up to it, I was of the mind that, besides a few minor hurdles in the early game, I'd rather have money be plentiful and not very impactful than scarce and frustrating.

-I think this one is a legitimate criticism. For what it's worth, I tried to vary the characters a bit, so you wouldn't have 3-4 characters with the exact same issues/arc. My take was:
-Camilla: has legitimate issues with her race, lots of insecurity
-Tirria: Has no issues with her race, but is an unwilling outcast just for how she is different from the rest of her people.
-Maria: Generally confident and comfortable in her skin, she struggles more with the reputation of her people than the physical side (As far as I remember she only has really one scene where she is doubting herself? And that's more of worrying about compatibility rather than body issues)
-Charlie: Yea, fair enough. A lot of her content needs to be rewritten/redone ^^;
-Alice/Beth/Kirana: While they definitely all have self-esteem issues (don't we all?) I tried to approach it from different angles/reactions, with Alice hiding her pain behind a cheerful and sexual mask, Beth burying her feelings to focus on her daughter, and Kirana being forward and confident, but having the tendency to give up when hitting obstacles in her life. Maybe they still track too closely to each other in their arcs, but I hope their characters are at least distinct enough...

-Regarding the transformation and futa content. I'm not too worried about the reaction, since, as you said, it is very easy to disable. It will definitely be expanded on in the future. A lot of the "embarrassment" around the content comes more from a story side. I think many women would react a bit sheepishly if you suddenly suggested they grow a dick haha. I wanted to have it not feel like an afterthought in this game, but a real decision that the girls would have to make. In the future, when it can be given to more girls, some will react positively, and some might react very negatively or hesitantly. The biggest thing I wanted to avoid is the common thing in some adult games where a girl gets transformed and has no real reaction or thought besides "This makes me feel nothing other than horny. Let's fuck."

I hope that can explain my view on a few of these issues. It makes me really glad to hear you enjoyed the game, and I'll do my best to keep on improving. I hope you have fun with future releases!

Hey there.

Glad to be of some help. A project like this is a huge undertaking, there’s plenty to deal with, loads of moving parts… if I can help shed a different perspective or track down a bug or two, that’s all I’m hoping for. I think that a lot of the time, people end up commenting without having this sort of perspective about an evolving project that’s long and difficult.

As I read the devlog, I got the hint “oh, this resource thing may be in the list already” so it was not unexpected that these would already be outdated impressions by the time I voiced them =P. Again, curious to see how it’ll go

I get your angle with how you tried approaching the girl’s backstories and all. I think one of the strong points is that by relying on well established fantasy and eroge tropes and then giving your own twist as you fleshed out the background of the world made for a consistent foundation on top of which to build. This worked well, none of their stories felt out of place, they all fit in nicely.

I think the way it ended up irking me a bit is because though they have different paths, they end up in similar places. The “innocent and awkward girl” is not really my thing so perhaps this contributed to me getting that impression… I guess a way to more finely deconstruct this is that to me they DO feel like their own distinct characters on their own, but in their relationship with the MC a lot of them seem to fall back into being the same type of girlfriend. As in, Tirria wears her arrogance as a weapon and is a hyper competent person who lives off of a profession expressed primarily through violence while Camilla is a super shy and insecure bookworm who is terrified of crowds and a cute little nerd. These are two very different people. But they both relate to the MC primarily through their perceived bodily inadequacy and nervousness. When it comes time to lewd they’re both just as shy and sheepish, not knowing what to do…. You meet two very different women, but then you date the same girlfriend, if it makes any sense.

Again, this is A point of view and I get how daunting a task it is to manage all these story lines and characters within the constrained context of a porn game. It’s all here in the spirit of “maybe consider this point and, should you agree with it, it’s a thing to have in mind when writing future encounters”. If not, that’s all fine as well. Heck, you can always just double into these themes and go all the way, kind of like Harem Hotel builds up towards turning to the player and “joke’s on you, suckers, this was about systemic oppression all along, it’s the thematic core of this whole thing!”. The themes of discrimination and the effects thereof on actual people are already very present, depends on whether you feel like you want to use it as set dressing or actually, deliberately say something about it.

With the futa content, it’s all early days, it seems so bound to be a lot of rough edges. Perhaps the way to go to achieve what you want, though, is to have the girls initiate it. Right now MC buys a potion, goes “here, try this” and they do. So it’s very passive on their part. One step that could help would be to have one or more of them show interest, or have this whole thing be triggered by a new “main route girl” who just is futa and, as she moves into the hotel, ends up making waves and piquing the curiosity of the other girls. Especially as they get closer to each other, this then could be a catalyst for experimentation on their part. With regards to them feeling different ways about it, I think an easy route to go towards would be something like the old Slave Maker, where the effect is temporary the first few times, so they can have some fun and see how they feel about it. This would give them time to breathe and think, rather than the jump to a permanent change.

Something I remembered now, too. Once Camilla mentioned she lives mostly in the library but also rents a room in a boarding house, it felt weird that the MC didn’t offer her one if his rooms instead. She’s getting some interpersonal contact through Kiara which I guess is part of your plan for her becoming more confident so I would expect the offer to be, at least initially refused, but it could always be a set up for future developments.

Anyway, this is already waaay to long. Just, again, hope I can give you an outsider’s perspective on how things are going, hopefully at least something useful. Can’t wait to see what comes next


Ah, I think I see what you're getting at.

Definitely, Camilla and Tirria have some similarities in their backstories and hang ups, one feeling like she's not a proper member of her race, one being happy with her race, but scarred after a lifetime of mistreatment because of it. They both have major body issues, and I can totally see how they open up to the MC is very similar.

However, I think it is also worth mentioning that out of all the girls in the game, they are the only ones with this explicit problem (other than moments here and there for a few other girls, but in a world with as many distinct races as this, I don't think that's super unlikely).

What my goal is, and hopefully I can convey in the future, is that this is only part where their "routes" intersect. Now that the MC is "dating" each of them, I plan/hope that their stories will be going in much different directions, and as girlfriends, they will feel very distinct.

With regards to the futa stuff, that could also be a way to approach it for some of the girls in the future, assuming the player has that specific content enabled. Definitely planning to iterate on all the transformation systems in the future, and as the game progresses.

For the Camilla thing: honestly, I didn't even think of that at the time. She'd most likely refuse, especially at first (no way she'd want to live somewhere bustling, at least right off), but it could be a point that she grows into, and having the MC at least offer would be a decent character moment.

Once again, thanks for all the feedback, scripting for the game can be a very isolating experience, as with this genre, many people don't want to engage beyond just downloading and experiencing it.

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TL;DR: Well worth playing and clearly a passion project.

The art is pretty decent and consistent in quality. The writing is not extraordinary, but it is compelling and enjoyable to read. It has very few, insignificant typos. 

Certain mechanics in the 'dating sim' aspect of the game are not explained (well), but just playing along through the game will serve you well for the most part. Most characters have a trust stat and an affection stat. There are also milestones in your relationship that unlocks certain NSFW content. The progression in some relationships feels quite natural, while others feel more rushed and "let's get lewd" - which by rights could just be a character trait, but I do wish that certain characters had more of a narrative arc before falling victim to the mighty cock of ye olde innkeep. 

I do like that certain characters have the possibility of sabotaging your relationship based on your choices at key sections - which the game kindly warns you of and gives you a chance to save before progressing. It'd be really cool to see more 'bad ends' for relationships explored across other characters. Not necessarily strictly bad ends, but temporary setbacks would make the relationships between the characters feel more real and grounded. Rather than MC can do no wrong and will inseminate every available orifice. So @dev, if  you have something like that in mind - go for it! You've clearly put a lot of time and effort into crafting these characters. While some of the lore is not very original and the twist of many of them not conforming to their racial stereotype... It is also very evident in the writing and how the characters are portrayed and portray themselves, that a lot of care went into their creation. So please-please-please keep fleshing them out and expand on their narratives.

While on review my comment seems a bit loaded on the negative side, I assure you I loved this game. I'm offering the critique to hopefully give you some perspective from this single player. I can't wait to see what else is in store <3

First of all, glad to hear you enjoyed the game!
In regards to the points you've made...

-I suppose the "trust" vs "affection" stats weren't explained very well, I just didn't want endless tutorials bogging down the early game. I guess I could add in the ability to ask Rei about it ^^;

-On the rushed vs. natural thing: I wanted to have a variety of girls, some who would feel more comfortable getting sexual faster (e.g. Sacha), some who are a slow burn (e.g. Camilla, Tirria). I hope none of the girl's stories came off as too unnatural...

-For the "bad end" part; I think leaning more towards the "temporary setback" is a good idea, even if it might be a bit more work. I still get many people asking what to do after sleeping with Alice in the wrong way (despite the game's warnings ._. ) but I would like to add more player control/choices in the future.

-I tried to strike a balance between characters who defy/don't conform to their race (Camilla, Tirria, Maria, kind of Kirana) and those who are typical of their race (Sacha, Beth, Alice, etc.) while some of the stories are definitely skewed towards that idea, hopefully I can balance it out in the future.

I'm really happy to hear you loved the game! I always welcome constructive feedback, positive or negative, and I'll definitely keep it in mind for the future ^^


Re: Trust vs Affection - From my understanding from playing it, the stats have very clear effects that can be deferred from their names. But maybe you can add a quick blurb in the getting to know the inn section of the de facto tutorial? I think the first interaction/choice you have with Rei lets you affect one of the stats. It'd be a natural segue for Rei to explain about building trust and affection with the locals.

Re: Natural vs Rushed - That was my impression as well, which is why I also pointed it out. Namely, it could be seen as part of their character just having a different approach to it. I favour slow burns, so I'm biased on the matter. I do feel like it was a bit mixed on whether it felt like a character trait or felt like an odd pace on the more quick-to-lewd characters. I'd have to replay to point out specifics, but overall it really isn't a big issue. None of what I mentioned are glaring issues. It's more a flavour thing and I of course want the flavour that appeals to me <3

Re: Bad end - I figured the lewd option was bad, after the warning. Yay meta-gaming. But I picked the lewd one to see where it went and I was really impressed with how it played out. Which is why you whetted my appetite for more of it. Players not paying attention to the very clear warning from Rei is not really on you. 

Re: Conform vs Breakout - I don't think you need to focus on balancing it as a goal. If anything, you've got a good balance already, in my opinion. I'd love to see more nuances to it. Like a good example, in my opinion as always, is Maria. Centaurs are known for being on the wilder side as barbarians in universe. She maintains a more restrained attitude - but then your first romantic interaction is her unable to contain her desire to kiss you. In that way still sharing similarity to her species and conforming, while also clearly standing apart and being distinct from the stereotype. I think that's really sweet. Both romantically but from a writing perspective as well. It's what makes her an individual rather than a representative of her species. What makes her "Maria" and not "the unusual centaur". Just keep up the good work on this front, you're golden. If anything, play around with the conformity/defiance of expectation/stereotype more <3

And finally, again: thanks for making this! It's really nice and I like it a lot.


Maybe what’s missing in regards to the “dating sim stat” area is some indication in the “progress indicator menu”. It tells you what to do next, but maybe it could give you information on how your trust/affection is going? Even if just a general descriptor rather than a number.

Also: As it stands, does Vera’s submission stat, which is unique to her, even do anything? Her content seems pretty linear at the moment and the submission stat is feeling vestigial of a different earlier plan where you would shape the MC’s relation to her but got scrapped in favour of having the MC be unambiguously and decidedly opposed to the concept of having an actual slave

I would like to rework the relationship progress screen at some point. More information might be nice for the player to have. Just not sure if it would break immersion too much. I'll have to try some things out.

Initially, I did plan for Vera to have a lover/slave route, depending on if the player built more affection or submission, but it was put on the back burner to flesh out the other girls and give them content.

Looking at it now, I'm wondering if it would be a very satisfying experience at all, given her personality. She would likely offer very little resistance to any domination or corruption. Perhaps the dual route would be best saved for a more willful slave that can be purchased in the future.


Hmmm perhaps. I think it would make sense if we one day got to see some meters and Vera’s submission starts very nearly maxed out.

Maybe her time to shine will be as a mentor type to this hypothetical second slave. But with the MC locked into being very reluctant about the whole slavery thing, it might get tricky to work in any sort of domination/training angle. Remains to be seen =)


Hey there, im having trouble unlocking a scene with Maria, the hint says to talk to her in her room for a new position, but it dosent seem to be triggering.

If you've used a transformation potion on her, that scene can't be unlocked since it's the same as one of the transformation scenes.

If you want to get it for the completion factor, you can temporarily disable the transformation by talking to the fairy, Rei, and turning on that content filter. After you get the scene, you can disable the content filter and Maria will change back ^^


This is definitely a really good one. Have you considered adding non-binary people?


Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

I have some vague ideas for a trans character that might be added later, or characters with no defined gender such as a slime. Was that the kind of thing you had in mind?

How do i get the last scene wuth alice do i have to gain more trust ive slept with her all three options and nothing

Talk to her at your bar


If it will include pregnancy later then will check it out now.


Love the game brother, keep up the great work

Are there any cheats?

Not yet, but there will be in a future patch. At the moment, nothing in the game really requires much grinding.

how do I unlock 5th regular scene for Maria, it just says "talk to her in her room to try a new position" but there's no option like there was for Alice

If you used a transformation potion on her, then you won't be able to get her scene (since it's pretty much the same as her post-transformation scene). If you really want to unlock it, turn the filter for the transformation on, then talk to her in her room ^^

Ah ok thanks

what happen if i do with Alice

I did and after that she is not talking to me it said i have to ask to rei. But how can i ask.

I loaded a savefile, and tried taqlking with her but refuse the sex, eventually, it will unlock after some talk days later.

No idea if there is a “back to normal” after doing it with her in that moment

This is correct. At the moment, if you go along with her, it will lock off her content. This will likely change in a later patch.


Can and will say love the game and its progress. All i can ask which i hope isnt too much that when you add more futa content if any of it will involve oral content. When i saw the update i was so excited. Hope more is added soon


Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Hopefully you will enjoy the next patch even more, as it will have a lot of content.


What's the difference in public release and release it have 2 download version?


The latest two versions are available, if people need to update their save files from previous versions. If you're starting fresh, you'll want the 0.055 version!

i am starting fresh i already downloaded 0.55 because it carry more storage i thought it have more content

At introduction we can choose labour , engineer, NEET , salesman  etc aside increasing strength, intelligent does it effects gameplay ?

You start out with a higher stat in the related category (laborer = strength, neet = dex, etc.) and that stat grows faster for you.

Handyman starts out higher in every stat, but no bonus growth.

Ok thanks. I already choosed engineering because i am engineering students 🤣🤣

But in this I think you have typing mistake it say musta 

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Too bad most the development time is being spent on futa. Can you tag it so people can avoid this game since its starting to take over half of the updates on a SINGLE divisive fetish


I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, but this is the first ever update where that fetish had any significant dev time, and still took less than half the total time for this patch.
If you no longer wish to follow this game, I wish you good luck in the future ^^


Hi, I was wondering who I go to fix Julia's doll.

You can try the gnome tinker shop, but you'll have better luck at the general store ^^


Thanks a lot that helped

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Wait will there be a path for the cowwoman's youngest daughter in the future or no bc she's giving me that impression a little idk if anyone else noticed or if it's just me

No underage content will be added to the game either now or in the future

ok i was just confused bc of the vibes she was giving off


I need a little help, how do I unlock the three scenes of Vera? Just unlock 2

can you get rid of items in your inventory??

I don't think so unless there's a selling system I missed

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after the game updated do i have to restart in order to go throught and unlock everything cause i dont have  an option to do much or even know who the potion vendor is its been  while

If you played in one of the past 3 patches, you shouldn't have to restart. Simply save your game in the old version in the MC's bedroom. When you open the new version, click on the blue save disk icon and select the version your old save is on. That should fix your save for the new version.

The potion vendor can be unlocked from day one, just go to the town square (the town area that has the fountain) and look for the door you can click on.

Thanks for the help, i decided to just restart anway since its not hard to get back to where i was, but even then i still couldnt find the potion vendor i clicked on everysingle door and window and there still was nothing even after passing a day or two.

I found a bug.
When talking at night with Tirria in her room before you trigger the event Elven Flu, it is possible to have the sex option "Let's have some fun" "On back".

Thanks for letting me know, I'll take a look at it

Your drawing is very noticeably improving. The update to Vera's scene and the scenes from the latest update look great. Are we gonna be able to change the bust sizes on characters besides Vera in the future?

It is indeed planned for the future, probably not in the next patch, though.

Thank you for the compliment! Doing my best to improve ^^

Deleted post

Thank you for playing the game and all the feedback!

A female option for the MC would certainly be interesting, but also a massive amount of work. In the future, a potion that allows the MC to swap genders could be a possibility, but I'd have to take a look at the feasibility of that (what with having to restrict old scenes and add new ones and etc.). Would open up a lot of possibilities, though!

The story and the inn are going to see massive changes/improvements in the next update, including a dedicated "main story" questline, as well as a massive overhaul to how the inn is handled in gameplay. I'll be posting pictures in upcoming devlogs, so please feel free to check them out.

As most of the characters finish their "introduction story" (basically getting to the point where they are sleeping with the MC, going forward I'll be introducing more fetish scenes and different ways to have sex with them, as it won't be tied to their story anymore.

Lastly, I do have plans for SFX during sex scenes, hopefully in the next patch ^^

Deleted post

Just asking, is it its animated or not?


Most of the adult scenes are animated. Some are not, either because they are too complicated or animation would look unnatural. I'd estimate about 85%ish are animated.


If that so then gonna def try it, thanks and much love!

The futanari option doesnt work for me and i pressed for it to be enabled.Is there a way to fix this?

There's a known bug when changing the content filters, sorry to say. Please wait a day or two and the next patch will fix the issue (and introduce much more content for that fetish)


Where is the update

The next update is currently being bug-tested, so it will be available soon!

Ok thank 4 the reply

is there any cheats

I used a save editor to add money and relationship points.

Is it on pc only or we can get that on Android

There is an android version in the downloads section ^^

when is the next update btw your game is so good

Next Update is Closer Than You Think ;D! Thanks so much for Loving Dagotto's Game! ^.^, if you join the Discord Server (Link Above) or Patreon (Link Also Above), There are Game Status Updates, Also Patreons Get Early Access <3


I need Help i can't unlock veras third Scene i do what the hint tells me to but it doesn't trigger

To get Vera's third scene, you must manually tell her to tend the bar at night time (time slot 4), then after waiting, go back to the bar at late night (time slot 5) and talk to her. She should be behind the bar, and talking to her will unlock her last scene.

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That worked i didn't know that i Had to click the bar i thought i Had to Tell her via her dialogue Options... Thank you... Great Game btw Hope to See more soon

Im so curios about that are you going to add more variation to other shop owners btw i like your game

There will be more shop owners in the next few patches to meet and interact with ^^



Sorry for asking a lot of question just mainly curious,

Will marriage and pregnancy be available for all the characters? Gotta repopulate somehow, also i enjoy the slow burn of this game with a lot of the characters, it feels realistic and get to see some actual romance which i am a sucker for


Don’t worry about it! Always happy to answer questions ^^

Pregnancy content will 100% be added for all the main girls in the future. As for marriage, I’d like to put something like that in, just not sure yet on the best way to implement it. Could either be a late game event, or maybe a part of the epilogue, I’ll have to see how things shape up. 

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the pacing!

Looks like ill be following the game. Im always looking for more games with pregnancy

will charlie become a main character in the future? tomboy goat girls are pretty epic ngl, (really glad she has an option to not be a futa)((kinda confused to why it even gave me an option to choose since i disabled it))(((Also also we gatta protect Julia at all costs no lewding)))

Hmmm, that option should be disabled if you selected none at the beginning. I'll take another look at the code.

Charlie may become a main character in the future, depending on how her story goes. Even if she doesn't, I can guarantee that she will be heavily involved in Beth's story going forward at least.


Can’t wait to be able to turn on Tirria into a futa. Moreover, I hope that it will also be possible for a futa to penetrate the MC and not just the other way around.

From what I understand from reading the comments, the only futa currently available is Charlie, and from what I see in the game’s image directory, so far it’s only male on futa.

Speaking of Charlie, I must admit that I still don’t understand how to reach it. From what I understood when reading the comments, she is at the farm of Beth, does that mean I have to really milk the breasts of Beth to reach her? I have to confess that I really don’t like this kind of thing, so I’d really be bothered if I had to do so.

I also feel that it can quickly get onto sex, and I don’t really like the idea of being forced to have sex with another character so I can get to the one I’m interested in.

Speaking of being forced to have sex with characters, I also don’t like being constrain to have sex with a character just because you’ve been nice to him.

PS: Yes, I know, it does a lot I don’t like ^^'

Finally, I’m also looking forward to the day, where we can finally have a slightly more intimate relationship with Rei (of course, if Rei is available in a male or futa version, I confess that even if we don’t see a penis I see it as masculine).

Okay, so let me address your comments from top to bottom.
-Tirria will be able to become a futa in the future if that's what the player desires ^^
-Futa on MC content will become available in the future, but it will always be optional
-Charlie is actually a side character, who didn't even exist before Beth's story was fleshed out ^^; all main characters (which includes most of the cast) will have futa scenes independent of other characters.
-Rei will 100% be involved in future story scenes. Please look forward to them ^^

Thanks for your answer​ and explanations. And yes, of course optional, it is good to remind those who can fear that their gaming experience will be spoiled by this content they don’t want, that they have nothing to fear because it is precisely purely “optional”.


Interesting game so far, i like the cozy feeling, looks like the kind of game i'd play even if it didn't have nsfw, as a person who hates NTR with a burning passion i approve aswell. but before i get invested in the game will sharing with other guys be in the game? Because personally that is just as bad as NTR for me and i didnt see it mentioned. (although usually the NO NTR tag goes hand and hand with no sharing in the community, better safe than sorry)

Glad to hear you're enjoying the game ^^
There will be no sharing, I can guarantee that. There will be some threesome (or more) action in the future, but the only guy involved will be the MC.


Why can't I do anything with Chloe ;~;


Bug waifu content is coming in future patches. I hope it will be worth the wait ^^

Let's go! Also, I think there's an actual bug in my game, something about "End of Alice's story content".

I Really Like Vera's Story ^.^ Are We going to see any Vera Updates/Content in the near future? >.>

She won't have any new story in the coming patch, but there will be an update to some of her scenes (with new art) as well as some new transformation content involving her. Please look forward to it!

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mobile game

This happens when you interact with the books after buying them all

This happens when tiria reaches the climax

love the game, it is very good and entertaining, when the last update arrives, which I hope will be in a long time, the option to marry should be added and the story of whoever you marry becomes the real, the canonical, but really, very good game, enjoy every moment 

thanks for pointing those out, I'll make sure they're fixed by the next update ^^


can I sleep with the female orc ?..

You can indeed! Sacha is one of the main characters and her initial storyline is already completed. She will also be getting more content sometime in the future.


When does the optional futanari come in

There is currently one side character with futa in the game now, but a sizable amount of futa content will be coming in the next patch, which should release in the next few weeks.


thank you for the response 

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